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Zion y Lennox are probably the biggest duo in reggaeton.
Part of White Lion Records, Zion y Lennox have worked with many producers such as Luny Tunes, DJ Blass, Cheka, and DJ Sonic.

Their first album which was Motivando A La Yal and includes the hits Yo Voy (featuring Daddy Yankee and produced by Luny Tunes) and Doncella. Other hits out of their albums include; Te Hago El Amor (pro. Eliel), Hay Algo En Ti (pro. Luny Tunes), and Es Mejor Olvidarlo (pro. Luny Tunes) out of Mas Flow 2 (Current hit album of Luny Tunes).

These two are all over reggaeton (mainly Zion) beacause of their skill. Zion is a powerful voice with good singing skills while Lennox verses have a nice flow.

What separates these two from other reggaeton singers (such as the other reggaeton duo Wisin y Yandel, and Don Omar for example) is that their hits stray away from what many people believe reggaeton is about (which would be sex).

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