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Trilateral's Remix of the Don Omar and Tego Calderon Smash 'Los Bandoleros' Has the Hip Hop Community Buzzing

November 27, 2005 


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How do you get instant credibility in the hard to penetrate Hip Hop industry? By making a hot song or making a hot song HOTTER!

That's exactly what has happened when independent artists Trilateral released their rendition of the Regaetton smash hit "Los Bandoleros". The song has created a ripple effect in the underground music scene and on the Internet. Bandolero, which is Spanish for outlaw, has been in heavy rotation on stations across the country and in New York where you can hear the song all day long on stations like La Mega 97.9 FM and Univision's La Kalle 105.9, previously known as Latino Mix.

While Trilateral's version of the song has not received commercial airplay, it has been heavily downloaded from different websites that have gotten their hands on the track.

What makes the song popular is that it gives non-Spanish speaking Regaetton fans a clear understanding of Tego and Don Omar's message in the song. It has great commercial appeal for both Latin and English Regaetton/Hip Hop stations.

The song is performed by Omar Cruz aka Desire and Albert Betances aka Burn. Both members of Trilateral are of Hispanic origin. When asked about whose idea it was to do a re-mix of the song, Burn stated, "I heard the song last month when I went to visit my family in the Dominican Republic. As soon as I heard it, it made an impression. I immediately thought up an idea for the translation of the song and presented it to Desire when I got back to the states."

The demand for the song has been so overwhelming that Trilateral was forced to put the song on their website for fans to download it. The song can be heard at www.trilateralnyc.com

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